Thursday, November 26, 2015

Appetizers Done Right: Bruschetta Bar

If you checked out our previous post about throwing the Perfect Dinner Party, you might have noticed that we mentioned appetizers as a crucial part of any successful dinner party. Rather than serving up greasy finger foods, we think you should try out a Bruschetta Bar! This option is fresh, easy, and really has an unlimited number of options for toppings.

For this appetizer all you need to start is a baguette, toasted and lightly dusted with olive oil, and garden fresh bruschetta from Spend with Pennies.

Pesto sauce, olive tepanade (made simply with chopped kalamata and green olives), and a side of parmesan cheese.

Add some festive napkins, and viola!

If you have a larger serving platter and want to add more you can always add prosciutto, artichoke hearts, brie, salami, and any type of hummus.


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